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We are an informal group and meet regularly to talk about matters to do with bees in a friendly and relaxed environment.  We invite interesting and thought-provoking speakers occasionally but our focus is on creating a sociable and friendly atmosphere when members can discuss beekeeping problems and seek solutions.  All are very welcome.  All winter meetings take place at the Oak Leaf Recreation Centre.

  • Wednesday, 16th November,2022: PRODUCTS OF THE HIVE....Clare Midgley ( 8pm)

  • Wednesday, 18th January,2023: POLLINATION....Rinke Vinkenoog - Northumbria University ( 8pm)

  • Wednesday, 15th February,2023 : Tony Jeffersons practical workshop (7.30pm)

  • Wednesday, 15th March,2023: PREPARING FOR THE SPRING & SUMMER (Roger & Chris) 7.30pm

  • Saturday & Sunday, April 22nd/23rd, 2023: BEGINNERS COURSE 10am - 4pm (Eco-Centre)

  • Monday, May 1st, 2023 : First Apiary Session at St. Oswalds 6pm

  • Regular Apiary sessions take place every Monday evening from 6pm at St. Oswalds Allotments during the period April to September


  • The Oak Leaf Sports Centre is a fantastic venue...members may use the dining facilities and bar to enjoy a wonderful social experience.  Address: School Aycliffe Lane DL5 6QZ.....Telephone: 01325 300600 if you wish to enquire about booking a meal or for any other queries.  Warm and welcoming.

Directions to the Eco-Centre (DL5 5AG): From Tesco's roundabout turn down Shafto Way (toward the Sports Club).  Take the 3rd road on the left (Creighton Road) and Moore Lane is the first on the right.

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