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All our honey is produced by bees kept in our local apiaries in Newton Aycliffe and Brafferton.  Honey is great for alleviating problems associated with allergies such as hay fever - its one of the oldest foods known to man and has been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs well over 2,000 years old and still edible. We have been keeping bees in County Durham and North Yorkshire for over 20 years. By buying our honey you are enabling us to maintain a long tradition which helps local beekeepers develop the art of beekeeping and ancillary crafts as well as help maintain the vast population of bees needed for pollination and safeguarding the environmental well-being in this country.


It requires flights covering over 35,000 miles or nearly a million trips by our bees to fill one 8oz jar. PURE COMB HONEY is also available – this is honey in its purest form, straight from the hive and has not been strained or heated.

Cost : £6 per 12oz jar 

Contact our secretary Steve Jenkins for information
on where you can collect our honey or arrange for it to be delivered.

Tel: 07825 980692 or email:  

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